reBeam - Eyebeam's Move to New Home
Together we're building a power station for ideas and invention.

What is reBeam?

Join us in building our new home: a power station for ideas and invention. 

With your help, we will:
re-build a new home for engaging society and technology through art
re-create a vibrant launchpad for invention and dialogue
re-imagine a hands-on space for learning through artist-led workshops

In its new home, Eyebeam will continue to "fund the unfundable" through dedicated and generous support to artists and inventors, nurturing projects on the horizon of what is possible. We can do this better because we will have a dedicated storefront space that will house the residency work areas as well as a very active public space for events, with regular panels, discussions, and presentations by residents and alumni.  


"From the very beginning, Eyebeam has been the crucial proving ground for new ideas, the meeting place for the brightest minds in art and technology, and the springboard to countless innovations."

- Trevor Paglen, Eyebeam Resident 2007

A New Home

Eyebeam has doubled down on its core values of openness, invention and justice and sees its new home as an opportunity to deepen and broaden its support of the world's most visionary artists and engineers, then share their work locally (and globally) through presentations, workshops,and inventive programs that move beyond typical exhibitions.

We believe Eyebeam is at its best when it acts as a powerhouse of engagement and free experimentation -- we aim to open up to the public even more in our new and accessible location in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

"Eyebeam has been one of the only places in the US that is concerned with social justice and technology, there are not that many places that think of technology in that way.

- Morehshin Allahyari, Resident 2017


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How can you help?

Your gift to our campaign will go towards making our vision for this space a reality. 

Every contribution towards a new item or event in the space will be branded with your name, unless you tell us otherwise.

Eyebeam really challenged me to think, to stimulate larger areas of thinking and really have to answer questions… arrive to something that has more depth to it, and to communicate what I am thinking, and I thought this was fantastic… The support of everyone was unbelievable.

- Ursula Endlicher, Resident 2017

When I applied to Eyebeam, I had no idea what I was getting into. I now see it gave us all time and space to develop our work, to learn new techniques and approaches, and to meet each other and cross-pollinate ideas. Nearly everything I do today remains connected to Eyebeam.

- Steve Lambert
Eyebeam Resident 2007 - 2010

The things I’ve learned here are not things you’d learn in school, they are things you would expect not to learn anywhere but here.

- Shania, 16, High School Student
Digital Day Camp Education Program 2017

Eyebeam has been an incredible force -- creating such a vibrant media art, activism, hacker network of people who often have in common not fitting in anywhere else.

- Brooke Singer
Eyebeam Resident 2010
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Engaged 2500 through education programs


Dedicated 1/3 annual budget to artist support


Awarded over 2.25 million to artists

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Thanks to our founding space supporters

Adam and Dara Freed

Joe Versace

Lynn Loacker

R. Luke DuBois

Bradley Robinson and Jamie Schwartz

Alyce and Morris Newman

Alliance Bernstein LP

Brennon Marcano and Prudential Financial Inc


Ellen Sandor

Zach Schildhorn

Courtney Colman

Kenyatta Cheese